The Order of Achilles is an ancient guild of professional mercenaries and skilled warriors. In addition to regulating guildsmen, the Order trains its members to defend self and others against evil deeds and speech. 

Any boy over the age of seven can join as an Apprentice. Between fourteen and twenty one years of age, a man is invested to become a Knight of the Order. When a man achieves a particularly brave deed, he will become a Hero Knight, and for a man who achieves a uniquely brave deed, he will become a Champion Knight. 

The Order trains its members in hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, blocking and use of armour. Alongside this, the Order provides training in demonstration, emotion, character and structure as well as opportunities to socialise with fellow knights of the Order. 

Members meet at local Order guilds which are made up of training areas, libraries and social rooms. Guilds are led by Knight Commanders, who take on local strategy. They are served by a guild Porter Steward who receives contracts from the general public for guild services. These include personal protection as well as courier services. 

The Order is led by the Lord Commander; appointed by the Lord Paramount of Houses Romanov and Pitt. 

Local Order guilds choose how often they are to meet and what services they will provide within the bounds of the Charter. 

With agile leadership, regular training and like minded countrymen, the Order of Achilles brings chivalry into the 21st century. With much evil growing in the World, the need for brave men is as paramount as medicine is to ill health. Our common enemy is ignorance.

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