Houses Romanov and Pitt are one of Europe's oldest property managers. 


At the heart of our activities are the virtues of magnanimity and truth. These have been inherited, protected and grown by generations of Romanovs and Pitts since King Michael I's accession to the Russian throne in 1613. 

Our family


Founded in 1613 by King Michael I, Houses Romanov and Pitt are still owned and led by 10th generation members of the Romanov family.

Our philosophy


We treat others according to the natural laws. We believe this best meets our clients' needs.



Houses Romanov and Pitt are small enough to ensure swift communication between clients and carefully consider tenancy decisions.



At Houses Romanov and Pitt, our client accounts provide long term and fixed term investment facilitation for landlords.

Our properties


Houses Romanov and Pitt entrust properties to tenants with different, and often complex needs.